Fusion 360 Post Processing including Gcode not accepted by Jackpot?

New build. I recently had to error-line by error-line comment out gcode lines that would not allow my Fusion 360 post processed program run. They included spindle speed or LCD screen in this case.

Errors commented out were:
ERR: 23 (Gcode command value not an integer) - M code had number but text description afterwards.
ERR: 20 (Unsupported GCode command) - M code was for setting spindle speed on 3 axis machine
ERR: 2 (Bad GCode number format) - Don’t remember what this looked like - LCD screen?

With those commented out (:wink: my first ever test design finally ran fine.

Are there settings I should know about in the MPCNC.cps file that I should know about or change?

Could you link the the post processor you’re using?

I knew there is a marlin pp, I wasn’t aware there was a grbl one.

If you have not seen it yet, you may want to check this thread:

@Flyfisher604 developed the post processor and has not tested it on the Jackpot. I have, but I don’t use it for spindle control.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Here are the first ‘few’ lines from the post processor file. I can’t quite tell what version it is as it downloads with the MPCNC date time stamp and it doesn’t say what version it is. It was downloaded just a few days ago. Vendor URL is shown a few lines into the code.

It seems to pp for Marlin, Grbl and RepRap.

I’m thinking my issue has to do with Jackpot controller having a slightly limited vocabulary and not expecting to see some of the commands left in from the Fusion360/MPCNC pp combination.


MPCNC posts processor for milling and laser/plasma cutting.
description = “MPCNC Milling/Laser - Marlin 2.0, Grbl 1.1, RepRap”;
vendor = “flyfisher604”;
vendorUrl = “GitHub - flyfisher604/mpcnc_post_processor: Marlin/MPCNC posts processor for Fusion 360”;
// Internal properties
certificationLevel = 2;
extension = “gcode”;
machineMode = undefined; //TYPE_MILLING, TYPE_JET
var eFirmware = {
GRBL: 1,
prop: {
0: {name: “Marlin 2.x”, value: 0},
1: {name: “Grbl 1.1”, value: 1},
2: {name: “RepRap”, value: 2}

var fw = eFirmware.MARLIN;
var eComment = {
Off: 0,
Important: 1,
Info: 2,
Debug: 3,
prop: {
0: {name: “Off”, value: 0},
1: {name: “Important”, value: 1},
2: {name: “Info”, value: 2},
3: {name: “Debug”, value: 3}

I’ve made available an unsupported beta for FluidNC in this thread https://forum.v1e.com/t/fusion-360-post-processor-v2-1-is-available/26955/35?u=flyfisher604