Fusion 360 Parametric Model for Strut

I just finished creating a parametric model for the Lowrider 3 Strut in Fusion 360:


After loading the model, click on Modify > Change Parameters to open the dialog:

Then change the value in the Expression column for X_axis_usable_length (first row) and strut_thickness (last row) to change the model. Then click the OK button:

I would like feedback if you have trouble using it.



After following your directions, the length doesn’t change. Thickness does.

OK looking closer at your drawing you have the x axis as the long dimension and I have to orient it so the long dimension is on the y axis. How would you change that?

Hello @tdwilli1 !

@jamiek created a comprehensive set of strut sizes at Printables. Jamie even included the OpenSCAD file used to generate them, which folks can use to create any custom size you need.

I hacked Jamie’s script a bit to create a custom front grill strut. Will share details in a separate post, sorry if this was a distraction.

Thanks, I had seen those but there wasn’t one that was the length I needed. I need a 30.5 inch long one.

Is 30.5" your tube length or usable cutting area? Tube length 30.5" would be for 23.5" usable cutting area.

Tube length.

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This work (780mm x 6 struts using Jamie’s script) ?

LR3-strut-plate-variable_780x6.zip (4.9 KB)


You’re welcome @tdwilli1! Would this have helped you, or help others in the future?

I just uploaded Strut Plates .SVG files sized from 480mm - 1700mm, in 10mm increments, to github.

For example https://raw.githubusercontent.com/aaronse/v1engineering-mods/main/lowrider3/strut-plate-variable/out/lr3-strut-plate-variable_780.svg

Edit number in the URL to the nearest 10mm size you need.

So, now folks only need to generate a Custom sized Strut if they need millimeter precision (that’s not a multiple of 10), in which case this video may help folks not familiar with OpenSCAD:

Edit: LR3 Calculator might be extended to let Users quickly download Strut .SVG correctly sized for their build. For more details, see this post.

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Pretty easy mod using OpenSCAD. I could not find in the directions how to edit the Fusion model. Finally found a post that did. But this is even easier. It should be stickied!