Full sized Router

Hi there; im brand new here but i was wondering, is it possible to use a full sized router (specifically a POF 1200 AE) on the low rider?
I know it would be overkill compared to a smaller trim router, but i already own the router.

Ive seen that it’ll work with the maslow, but apparently accuracy and speed is low.

Is it possible? Likely. Is it advisable? Probably not. I’ve seen some interesting machine setups come across the forum including larger spindles, but there is rarely head-to-head comparisons, so it is unclear what impact some of these changes make on machine performance. As for your router:

  • There is no existing mount for it, and you would need to design one. This is a non-trivial task. Your router will not fit within the router blank that Ryan provides, so you be required to re-engineering the mount from scratch.

  • Your router weights 2.5X what the Makita does. Because your machine is accelerating that mass, extra mass will have some impact on machine’s performance.

  • Not sure of the impact, but your router will stand out more from the core and therefore will be more cantilevered from the core. I know on the MPCNC Primo and I suspect on the LR3, Ryan worked hard to reduce the amount of cantilever.

  • I believe you will lose some working area.

  • I suspect you cannot use 1/8" shank router bits in router. Supporting smaller bits will likely save you some money as you learn.

As for other routers, if you want to save some money, you can go with a quality Makita clone like this one from Carbide Create. It comes with the 1/8" collet, which you would have to purchase extra if you bought a Makita.

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fantastic advice thank you =) sounds like if i wanna use the LR3 ill have to buy a new router (like the one you linked). Do you have any other suggestions for what i could do with the one i already have?

If it were me, and I didn’t already have one, I’d build a router table with it.