Full size lowrider v3 in Minnesota for boats!

There are 4 wires (one cable) that go to each stepper motor individually.

Then, for each endstop switch there is a single 2-wire cable that goes to the endstop.

From the SKR page:

Pay careful ayttention to the “X” in that picture. That’s the pin that you don’t want connected to any endstop wiring.

Got it! Thank you,

I was my Steppers from V1 shipped with a 4 and a 2 pin extension and that had confused me!
Getting it mostly wired up today and going a lot (too much?) cable management.

Good deal!

If you need to use the extensions, make sure they’re taped or otherwise joined together well so that they don’t end up an intermittent connection point in the future.

I’ve fallen in love with heat shrink tubing! I think the connections are the strongest parts now :slight_smile:

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yes but mine is copy off this roof not the inverse nose this is splash lot of water