Full assembly CAD files? Any format.

I have still been messing around with the idea of how to work with STL files. Found a program by Autodesk called ReMake. It looks like it does some pretty advanced things when dealing with mesh files, and also has an option to output a file

    constructed of quad surfaces

. Installed it at work, but I think there is something on my network that blocks something about the program, because it crashes right after it starts. Going to try freeing up enough space to install at home.

Fusion 360 is pretty cool. I think I’ve watched every video on Youtube that shows the CAM side of it. Pretty much ready to go besides needing to understand more about feeds and speeds and end mill selection.

What is your experience in making aluminum parts on the MPCNC? Do they come out ok, even though being slow?

Yeah the PCNC 440 is crazy. I wonder if there is any production items that could be done with the MPCNC to make enough to buy a PCNC.

I’ve never done any metal on my MPCNC. Just soft wood, cutting boards (cheap source of plastic), and foam for practice/tests (wouldn’t want the z axis diving deep or 1 feed rate to be too fast).

I know about as much as I need to know for the CAM side of things in inventor hsm (same cam as fusion) but I need to learn more about feeds and speeds as well.

I’ve never installed any autodesk products on a business/school computer so I don’t know what it needs access too that it isn’t getting. Best bet is to try it at home or google what your problem is.

Finally got Autodesk ReMake to work. While it looks amazing for certain mesh processes, when I export a Quad OBJ file and export it into Fusion it does not give me square edges on the parts but rounds them off. No good.

Then I just realized we have new roller parts and my current STL assembly is now outdated and I need to fix it.

I’d give my left nut for at least a STEP assembly of each new version. Well, maybe $50 for lifetime access to real file downloads or something. (I need my nuts)

Hi Ryan,

sorry to be another one to bother you again on this topic, but this doesn’t leave me alone,
and I would like to try and plea for you publishing STEP models for the MPCNC Primo.
Editing STL files is just such an inferior(and annoying :blush:) way to make modifications on CAD models.

In principle I can understand your issue with modified parts showing up, but publishing STL files(only) really doesn’t protect you from that, by far. So I don’t really seem to get that point you’re making.
In my opinion, it really is the other way round:
Having people use Meshes as a basis for modifications will reduce the achievable quality and complexity of those addons/modifications by a lot. Many operations on Meshes like booleans are not lossless, taking modifications on your published parts downstream for your own addons is a PITA with STL, and so on.

Analytic CAD Formats like STEP don’t have a feature history, no parametrics, etc., so STEP basically is as dumb as an STL model, and you wouldn’t expose really much of your IP.

So in the end, I cannot really follow your line of reasoning regarding analytic models.

If you’re concerned, that those could be used to more easily steal your work, money and time you invested, and you just don’t want anyone to have access to really usable CAD files for the heck of it, I could understand and everyone else should, aswell. It’s yours and after all there would be no MPCNC without you and your work.
But other than that I really cannot understand. Please make me understand :innocent: