Front Porch Rocker

The LR3 is getting a little more tuned in, and I was eager to make some more comfortable chairs for the front porch. My wife requested rockers, and it seemed like a good opportunity to use a full sheet to see how well everything is running. I made one out of OSB first to check dimensions and geometry, then refined the design a little more.

It still needs a coat of something to protect the wood, but I think it turned out great.


wow, that is cool. Looks good.


Those look awesome. One critique: Need drink holders. Either that, or matching side tables. Gotta have someplace to set your evening libations while you enjoy quiet time on the porch.


I considered cup cutouts, but with them being rockers, I didn’t think they would get used. The arms are wide enough for coffee mugs, but I think I definitely need to get started on a matching side table.

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WOw, that is a nice design. Less than a sheet of wood and it looks great.


That works, but you’ll still need those sidecars to hold up your croissants and marmalade…


If you’re comfortable enough, you have two free hands to hold cups.

This looks awesome.

  1. Any thought to releasing plans?
  2. Any thought on how to protect the bottom runners? Or to protect the deck from the plywood? I was thinking maybe some strips of HDPE or something.

I need to clean up a few things that caused some hiccups during assembly , and maybe add pilot holes for the seat slats, because doing them manually was kind of a pain. But happy to share with the V1 community.

I had considered putting something along the rocker edge, but haven’t come up with an easy solution yet.


That is very cool, nice design.
Thanks for sharing


I play outdoor roller hockey. The concrete shreds normal sticks. They make ABS and some other outdoor rated blades, but they are heavy. If someone does bring a wood stick outside, it gets scratched and any moisture makes it balloon like a wet book. The hollow composite sticks just shred.

Some people have been using these with indoor sticks and they swear by them:

I don’t think the risks are exactly the same. The stick endures a lot more movement, a lot faster. But the chair has a lot more weight.

Maybe some T Track? This is a rocking chair with something like that built in:

Or some kind of protector like this:


I had considered the type of molding you see on the edges of arcade cabinets, but figured it would weaken that edge a bit. I like the idea of something just popping on like those clear channels.


I’ve attached the SVG I pulled into EstlCam. This design is based on 18mm plywood, but I think there’s enough wiggle room in the pockets for up to 19/20mm (if you’re using .75" ply). If you look at my original post, you can see that the rectangles are pockets about 3mm deep. There are five cross braces with nubs to help align the slats, and two without for bottom. I put pilot holes on everything I could, but it would still be wise to predrill the cross braces for the sides and slats, and where the arms mount so that you don’t split anything. I put a pocket pattern on one of the random off-cuts that can be used as a jig to predrill the ends of the cross braces.

Things to note:

  • The SVG is scaled in mm and layed out for a 1220x2440 sheet.
  • One chair uses 54 2" screws.
  • Designed to all be cut with 3.18mm bit
  • The chair is about 20" wide, so if you want wider, feel free to modify the design, I originally had it about 26" wide, but the proportions felt weird, so it got narrowed.
  • I ran a 1/8" round over bit along everything afterwards to get rid of any sharp edges and tear out.
  • I’m throwing this out there to give back to the V1 community that has given so much to me, but please don’t resell my design or chairs.


*I reuploaded the SVG, I forgot to convert some of the paths, so if you downloaded the older version, this is now the new version.


How about TPU printed open bottom cable chain ?
Would dampen and silence maybe too.


My wife would love if I turned this into a reason to buy a direct drive extruder and more 3D printing stuff haha.


You can do it with a Bowden, I did. :yum:


Yea I use a stock setup cheap printer with Bowden. Only once was it a issue.
I use the tpu for high temp coating mask and doing a netty pot. If you get spider webs a quick pass over with a torch works.


I second that!

Thanks for sharing the SVG! Saved a copy.


Thanks for sharing that. I really want to cut it.


You can count on me not selling, but definitely planning to make at least 2 of these.