France/Europe router or Spindle ?

Hi everyone. I may update my (non MP)(lightweight, highly elastic) CNC in the near future to replace the dremel I’m using at the moment to something that has more “punch”. I may buy either a router, or a 52mm 500w “chinese” spindle as seen on aliexpress.

First, if I don’t plan to use the router for anything else that the CNC, do you advise I use a router ? or a spindle ? (what pros/cons ?)

If I go with a router, since the dewalt 660 isn’t available in Europe, is there an other one that you advise touse ? Looks like a Makita 1709/1710 would do the rick, but it seems it has no speed control. Would that work ? Is it OK ?


The 500 watt spindles are a good choice or a kress. If you can’t get either of those maybe someone on that side of the globe can chime in.

Thanks !

I can recommend the Kress.
I have the 1050, but they come in a 800W version as well.

Using this mount:

There is a Makita clone called a Katsu that may work. I use the Makita RT0701C and it’s working well for me.

I use the Kress 800 FME-Q. 800w, electronic speed control. Very nice to work with.