Found a new board

I found a new board, I ordered it, and it seems to working. Worked right out of the box. I didn’t need to burn firmware at all. I got this because the guy told me it would. I didn’t even have to think much to put this in. I think I will order one for my grand son. but here is the page, in case any of you guys and gals are having any problems with marlin. I wanted something I could use that would work on some of the open source programs out there.

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That board is set up with dual firmware grbl on X and Y, or Y and Z?

That seems extremely odd either way unless it mentions the mpcnc in the description.

800 watt spindle? At 24V an 800 Watt spindle would be drawing over 33 Amps… :thinking: Make sure you buy a DC spindle! Other than that it looks good.

Dual Y and Z according to the diagrams on aliexpress for this board. USB flashing. Mention of automatic switching between USB and ‘offline’ - which I take to mean TFT control, although no screen is advertised and no further details… and no mention of mpcnc :slight_smile:

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Make sure you check the voltage of the trim pots on those drivers. They don’t come set up, usually.

1 Like, this says XYYZA. Make sure that A is set up for another Z if you are running a Lowrider, X if and MPCNC. Fairly sure it is not going to be plug and play. Those are A4988 drivers so you will have to adjust the trim pots as well.

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Annoy Tools? A bit redundant, eh? Doesn’t inspire confidence… (Then again, the same could be said for Vicious 1 Engineering)

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If I have y1 and y, and x and z. auto squaring y’s… what would that be called. xyyz, or a xyza. I have a driver for each axis. Trying to figure something out.
I sent my other board back and order the 6 pack from bart. I am doing the fluidnc grbl config.