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Thank you to Ryan for your awesome work and this forum supporting it. I am leading up to planned lowrider build and have been spending a lot of time looking at other builds. Any chance you are running the pro version of GB bbpress toolbox? If so, please see

It would be awesome to not have each attached image opening up in the same tab or a new tab. If you are not running pro I would be happy to make a donation to help pay for it. $10-$20 to not have to be clicking back or over to new tabs would well worth it.

That is something I had not seen. I am hesitant to add anymore plugins right now as we are straining the my hosting package again. When it comes time to update I will keep this in mind.

Understood. I work with WordPress on a daily bases and would be happy to help if you would like.

I always insert my images into the content so others don’t have to click. But I think they are still maybe clickable? Here’s a test (gonna do a life size carving of this one day).

[attachment file=95935]

Yup, still clickable.

What sort of stuff if you don’t mind me asking?


2x life size is my vote, make it more intimidating.

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I manage a half dozen websites running on WP as a side gig and a rather large e-commerce site (non-wp) as a day job. I am by no means an expert, but I know my way around and might be able to help squeeze a little more out of your current host.