Forum colors?

I think the little color icons are a bit less helpful than they could be. Top level categories for software and mpcnc are both red and lr2, zenxy, and off topic are nearly the same color.

I dont know if it would spoil the brand colors to have more variety, but it might add a bit of utility.

Honestly I never notice, Most of the time I use “New”, “Unread” and “Latest”. I only go to the main Forum page when I’m looking for something specific and only after I get fat-up with the search…
Not sure if will make much of a difference, at least for me anyways.

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HAHAHA I love it. The details getting noticed good or bad at least they get noticed. I went to a color picking site and chose a 5 color set, I guess I need to get a 9-10 color set these days.