Forum Color scheme

Is there any way to change the forum colors as a user? The text show up gray on a white background and it’s hard to read.

I’m not that old!

If you know how, please do tell. I’ve looked through all the settings.

Let me see if I can change that.


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While you’re mucking around… Is there any way to make the bold indication of unread messages work it’s way to the top? So if a message in the MPCNC; Builds thread is unread by you, the thread title is bold (working now), the Builds thread itself is bold (Not working now, though if there’s a new thread that’s completely unread you get the indicator) and the MPCNC thread is also bold. That would help a lot, I currently still have to check each thread until I get down to the bottom level before I will discover I’ve already read everything.

I’ll look into it this evening.


Thanks! So much better in black.

Man now I feel silly for not asking for that change earlier :slight_smile: The lightish text on the light background drove me crazy. But I just used a chrome extension called “Styler” and setup a rule to override the colors for myself a few months ago.

One less extension I need now :smiley:

Sorry, there are just 1000 options and you kind of never know what cascading effect it might have when you change something. Now that I am using shopify it seems to be better, woocommerce was a nightmare to keep working it seemed any change crashed the store.

While you are at it, and if this is possible, could there be more alerts in the forum?
For instance, when someone quotes you or replies to you, it would be nice to have it displayed on top in the notifications counter. Currently this only seems to work whenever someone replies in a thread that you created.

Also, it would be nice if the list of recent replies and recent topics was longer,
Don’t know if those things are available in the options, but it would be nice

Added more to both the replies and topics.

If someone does an @ you should get notified, I don’t see an option for the quote but you can just subscribe to the thread.

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