FOR SALE- New LowRider V3

Hey guys and gals,

Around Christmas time I purchased the build kit for a LR V3 and I just haven’t had the time to do anything with it especially because I don’t know anything about CNC. Between work, planning a wedding, in college/flight school. I simply don’t have the time or energy.

Attached are the pictures of it still in the box and of the purchase order. Asking $600

Thank you


Living the dream. Good for you to recognize your priorities. Maybe you can come back to us when you are the boss and have afternoons with nothing but conference calls.


Is it still available

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@Kim_Rickel yes it’s still available

Hope flight school is going well. Remember when in doubt just say im a student pilot then youll be golden.
Dm me your area hopefully i can pick up if local and if its still available

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Hi, do you still have it? For which pipe diameter did you order the printed parts 25mm OD or 1" OD? And I assume for the Makita router? Thanks.

@Newguy Hello, are the parts you are selling still available?