Fonts are teeny tiny in Firefox since a week or two on some pages (like V1 Docs)

I don’t know what happened, whether Firefox changed something, but on some websited it looks like this:

Does anyone have a good idea why this might have happened? I didn’t change any settings. Is it only me?

The docs looks normal for me, it’s only you :stuck_out_tongue:

On my iPad they are also fine… Hmm…

Use Chrome?

It’s probably something with your settings, I’m using the most up to date version of Firefox on a window 10 computer, and everything appears normal to me.

Can you hit ctrl+0? Maybe you zoomed out at some point.

Oof. I hate this advice. Firefox is still the best browser. :stuck_out_tongue: :fire: :fox_face:


Nope, it’s on several pages where the rest is fine but only one font. Weird.

Maybe you are right? I used Firefox 10 years ago, can’t remember why I swicthed to Chrome.

If you can’t get it there are a couple of updates for the docs and docs theme I can run. Typically, those goes smoothly…Maybe there is something in those.

I figured out the problem: For an unknown reason Helvetica got uninstalled and just Helvetica Narrrow remained, which Firefox chose. I uninstalled it completely and now it all works again. Yeeh!

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