Follow up on MPCNC Build

So guys I just wanted to share an update on my build. A while back I posted some photos and info during the build process. Then a lot of personal stuff happened involving loosing my Mom and Grandmother. After working though that, I found the time to complete the build. Honestly working in the shop helps to keep my mind occupied and off the bad stuff. I asked my wife, “would you rather me be in a bar drinking or in the garage.” she obviously chose the garage…hahaha.

I’m excited to share with you guys and hopefully inspire some others in the process. There are things about my build I really love and things I’d like to change. Eventually I’d like to tackle a larger more expensive CNC build. I can hopefully make some money building from the MPCNC to pay for my hobby. A hobby that pays for itself…hmmmm every hobbyists dream…lol.

I got the hinges, pendant, knobs, fan shroud, TFT case, SKR Pro case and clamps all from thingiverse. The pendant is from the The Ornery Maker I can share more links if anyone is interested. The router mount is a makita mount that I modified in tinkercad to make one big mount. I made that plexi cover for the SKR Pro control board, but ended up just taking it off once I added the 120mm fan to the cabinet door. Gave me much better airflow and the heatsinks felt cooler to the touch.

Full Machine
Full Machine Picture

Control Panel

Inside Control Panel

Dust shoe and router

With brush

Dust collection


Such rough circumstances. I am sorry to hear that. Sounds like you made great use of that state of mind and did a fantastic job of your build!

I’m living proof it can happen and I would be ecstatic if I help you make this step!

Excellent work, can’t wait to see what projects you come up with.


So sorry for your losses. Reach out if you need to, forum of a ton of great peeps here. Do not let grief take over!

Oh and machine looks frigging great!!

The 3 d printed hinges were a nice touch


You are not alone in this world. Life can be very rough sometimes, but know you are not alone. As @RockinRiley stated, reach out and let us know if you need some support (and not just on the hobby side), there are fantastic people here, even if it is just to lend an ear to listen!!

Build looks great! Keep up the good work and let the chips fly!!


Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Your doing an awesome things helping people. I’m working on me now so I can give back to others in the future. Yes the inlays are a beast, but I do feel I’m getting really close.

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Thank you for the kind words.

Thank you for the offered support and compliments. I’m doing good now but it was a rough patch for a bit.