Folding Leg Outfeed Table for Table Saw

More of a “this is how handy a CNC is” demo than a particularly interesting thing.

Got some legs to make an outfeed table, came with instructions and a “drilling template” (pfft!) for the leg holes.
Rather than making it on the table saw, the old fashioned way, I plopped a 48x48 piece of melamine on the LR3 and plugged it all into Fusion 360 and EstlCAM.

End result is a super precise outfeed table, slots perfectly aligned, exact depth, holes drilled for the legs, and nice round corners on a perfectly sized table. Cutting took maybe 2 hours on the CNC (1/8" compression bit) but came out exactly as expected. Iron-on black plastic edge banding and spray shellac on the exposed (amazingly smooth) particle board in the slots to finish it out.

My table saw knows it’s still loved! :smiley: :carpentry_saw:

I’d add that melamine can chip out pretty easily, but came out perfectly with the end mill.



very cool - I was looking at that Rockler kit just yesterday…

Every project seems to have one “aha” moment. For this one, it was that if you put a finishing pass parameter (e.g. 0.5 mm) but don’t specify a tool in EstlCam, it’ll come out undersized, and won’t do the finishing pass. Was scratching my head why the pockets were exactly 1mm too narrow until I actually read the finishing pass tooltip (in EstlCam 12.)
At least I think that’s what the issue was. I did a test earlier to confirm that with the finishing pass tool (same tool in my case) specified, it came out perfectly for a test pocket.