Fog and Forge

I ran into the guys from Fog and Forge at The Makerfaire.
This team hasn’t solidified their entire game plan but have started with idea to make custom/customized furniture with the help of CNC routers.

What caught my eye was this joint,

[attachment file=34061]

They had a few different really nice looking cnc joints they plan on using in their furniture and they have just gotten started. I can’t wait to see where this team goes with this new business concept. I also can’t believe I haven’t seen a joint like this, I am going to try it with the V1 Engineering logo that is on all the lowrider parts!

The reason I am bringing this up is they might be making some designs available for pay or download, maybe both, maybe even custom DXF’s. Basically they are open to ideas and I told them we are hungry for designs that weren’t made for laser cutters with dogbone connections. I hope I/we can help them develop some nice user friendly designs with hopefully a range of complexities.

I’m pretty sure that joint was in this collection:

Seems like a good place to be, although selling plans is tough. My advice to them is to make good videos showing details, including cutting and assembly. If the videos are entertaining, then you can ask for money for the plans with something like, “If you like this, support us with $10 towards this plan”. Plus, if you show every detail, then people will have confidence in the plans.

I keep thinking about ways to build something like the customizer for dxf parts. I think that would just be awesome. If you can do it from a dxf in AutoCAD, damn. That would be sweet.

Pretty sure every one of those joints are in that file.

They were clear they didn’t design the joints just that they intended not to use dogbone joints and that these were some options and even made it possible to break down larger straight runs. Hope to see some plans from them, they looks so new they haven’t even gotten a site all the way running yet.