Foam Needle cutter for LR2.

Has anyone drawn up a Needle cutter for the 611 plate? It is there an adapter for the awesome needle cutters out there for the MPCNC? I may attempt one if there isn’t, but I don’t want to try on an engineering hat if someone who knows what they’re doing has done it before. I’ve searched, and found one thing on flite test for the LR2, but there were no fille for the adapter.



The LR1 has a part to mount the MPCNC too wall to the plate, but I haven’t seen that for the LR2. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more customizations of the plate. It seems like a great part to customize, because it’s a flat part, so the design and cutting is easy. Replacing the 611 hole with mounting screws for a bracket seems like a great place to start

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I know that Jason (jhitesma) did a 611 mount for LR1(?) over on the FliteTest forum – and provided a link to his Onshape design – and I’m pretty sure that was turned into a working needle cutter. I’m not sure of the fits and clearance differences between LR1 and LR2 but I’m pretty sure this would be a good starting point…

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