FluidNC 3.7.9 Issues

I thought it was just late last night and I was doing something wrong. I almost made a post about it then but didn’t want to sound a false alarm, however, it appears Bart must have merged some of his work from a branch that was not up to date. See Git Commit

The SSDP options that @jamiek added and maybe a few other things are missing.

It may be best to skip 3.7.9 until this is worked out what’s going on. Depending on what happened it could be an unstable build.



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Nice catch.

Are you getting out of memory errors again with 3.7.9?

I’m not running it.

I was just testing some things on a spare board and noticed that the setting was missing. I was using a custom compiled version so I thought I did something wrong, and it was getting late, so I just assumed it was me and went to bed.

I checked again this morning and saw that someone else asked about it in the discord, so I went and read through the 3.7.9 merge on Github and found his commit.

He later admitted it wasn’t intentional, but the fact that it happened at all would make me a little wary about trying 3.7.9, as I don’t know enough to know if all of the rest of those changes are intentional or whether another bug might have been re-introduced

Thank you [Mike M]. I also encountered problems after upgrading to 3.7.9. The macro pin for running macros on the SD card causes the SD card to be unreadable.

TRy 3.7.8, 3.7.9 is not ready.

3.7.10 finally released. Looks like they caught a few things that were messed up in 3.7.9, so it might be worth cautiously giving it a try now

We need to set those in the config now right? Turn it off?

If you are only using AP mode and connecting by IP Address, SSDP is unnecessary.

SSDP is what makes http://fluidnc.local/ work instead of direct IP address

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Anyone try .10 yet?

This release is mostly bug fixes and tweaks.

  • SSPD Bug Fix
  • Fixed $30 reporting when no spindle is defined
  • Some JSON fixes for WebUI
  • Fixed a VFD UART issue
  • Fixed an issue with Homing cycle 0
  • Fixed missing implementation motor enable pulse delay.
  • Fixed an issue where some arc segment were left in the planner after a reset.

The WebUI has not changed, so you do not need to load a new one.

No maybe today, I was playing with LED’s yesterday.

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