Fluid NC Board Stepper Wiring

Hello all.
I’m working through troubleshooting the ZenXY2 Table I’ve built. I have just enough experience with CNC to think I know what I’m doing and then get completely stuck. I was able to successfully build the MPCNC a few years back, but this FluidNC/GRBL/CoreCY stuff is throwing me for a loop.

My first question, is I’ve been second-guessing the wiring for the NEMA Stepper motors to the FluidNC Board. I purchased the steppers off the V1 site as part of the ZenXY parts package.

I was able to find the wiring diagram for the FluidNC board (see below) but can’t find an accurate one for these particular steppers. Can anyone tell me which colored wires go to which spots on the board?


There isn’t any real standard for wire colour for the motors.

Jist make sure that the pairs have conductivity and it will work fine.

If you need to reverse a motor direction, just swap one pair.

1234 goes forwards
1243 goes backwards

Also, 4321 goes backwards, which is the easy way to do it when yoi have the 4 pin connector.

It turns put not to be critical that they be in specific order.

Basically look at the 5 pin connector the motor comes with, and as long as the 2 pairs (12 and 34) stay together rhe motor will work. Switch it to reverse commanded direction.

The good news is that you will either get a setup that works, or one that does not, you cannot damage the motor connecting it wrong. If your motor does not move, just swap the inside 2 wires, and it will work.

Edit: just looked at my motors and they would go red, green, yellow, blue in that order, so if you dont want to test.for continuity in your wires, try that order.

Testing continuity for the steppers is pretty easy even without a meter. Just rotate the motor, then short two pins together and rotate the motor while doing that. If you closed a circuit you will feel a larger resistance when you turn the motor. If you didn’t (mixing pins from different coils) it will feel the same.

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Did you get this figured out?


Yup! That made sense.
I was able to get my board wired correctly.