Flat pack chair

Made a chair for my son.



Is that based on the open desk one?

The name built in is like a cherry on the cake, so cool. Gallery for sure!

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I was googling cnc router chairs and seen some like this and the open desk ones but I just drew my own. Now my 6 year old wants a super hero themed chair for his desk in his room.


That’s awesome! Great design. Good luck with designing the super hero one!

This chair is so cute. I am going to make a chair for my son.

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Nice work!

Now, 6 years later, how many of those letters are still attached? :sweat_smile:

Actually, ha, it was a leg that broke first. The chair lasted 4-5 years though and went through a rough kid doing crazy stuff with it.

I never made the super hero chair for the 6 year old…now 12 year old, kid in picture is 7 now…whoa, yall are getting old.


Well then in true dad joke fashion, time to make the superhero chair.

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This is awesome
Complete with a 6 year follow up !!
I can’t wait to start doing some flat pack builds.

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