fixin't' get started on lowrider

Heyo! I’m looking to get started building a lowrider in the next few weeks. However, I’m seeing the parts pack is sold out and the flat stock has been sold out for a while.

@ryan do you plan to have either back into the store soon? I noticed it’s something to do with an update, which I’m very interested in. I’d love to know what the progress is there and if I should wait.

For the table, I was thinking about an interior door as something that is flat, reasonably thick, cheap, and replaceable. I could then stick a piece of MDF on top as a spoil board. Any thoughts on that? What is the smallest table recommended?

I was thinking of making some legs with casters on them, are there any concerns about doing that (reaction forces making things move and screw up dimensions)?

Finally, on the spindle, would a bigger router like this work?
More power is always better, right? :smiley:
I could swap the router over to the plunge base for handheld routing, which is nice.

Another thought I had was maybe printing something for a DC spindle like this (or drilling and tapping the clamp bracket) I’m not sure if the added speed control or the quieter operation provides enough benefit to make it worth the trouble.

Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to getting started and spending the summer making very precise piles of sawdust :smiley:


I have a full hand sketch. it uses most of the current parts. I only spent a few minutes in CAD so far but it looks solid. Sometimes I can revamp a machine in a few hours sometimes a few weeks. In the process I am also making sure it still works with different international sizes.

It could depending on your final build size.


A decent table build should hold its dims well enough. We talked a lot about this on the original build thread.




Some Old Guy Coding is working on a video series, it should answer some of your questions.



That answers most of my questions.

Re: table size, I meant thickness. I see it says 4" is optimal, but that’s a pretty thick stack of MDF and I’m not willing to go for a 2x4. 3" rectangular steel tubing could be an option if I can borrow a welder. But I was thinking an interior door with a sheet of 3/4 MDF on top would be a little more than 2" thick. Is that good enough?

My workpiece size target is 2’x4’



It can, but a few small runners will stiffen up your table and make it thicker, it does not have to be a solid stack, just for the wheels.

Gotcha, that makes sense. Let me know how the progress goes on the update, else I might go with the current version if you can get those pieces to me.


PS, if there is anything I can do to be of assistance in the redesign, I’m here for it :slight_smile:




I think I will be able to get some time with it today.

Hey guys I am also curious about the larger router I was looking on amazon and found the dewalt dw618pk and thought more power = better. So Ryan commented no but maybe someone could expound that? Thanks!!


Edit:turns out it’s the same router op found :slight_smile:

Bigger = heavier and more expensive. Like putting a giant semi’s diesel engine in a regular car. Will it work, sure, but will it go faster…probably not. All about the balance. You will find the 611 in not lacking in power at all, not even a little bit. I physically tried to stall it a few weeks ago and could not. I was force feeding it 1/2" MDF slotting with a two flute straight bit and was pushing so hard my table moved until it hit the wall, then I pushed even harder. The machine can not possibly come close to that kind of force to the cutting bit.

I actually don’t think it will fit, I have the rail to rail clearance on the parts page it has to fit in a 100mm space.

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Thanks for clarifying Ryan! I’m gonna order the 611 with the extra base. Thanks for all you do!

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