First revision of my diy surf tabs

Well this started as a “let’s see how much gel coat absorbs into wood “ it has since spiralled into “I could use this for my boat”.
Thought it would be neat to Cnc some details in and it was a lot of fun.
I doubt the size and shape of my tabs are ideal but this is my basis for starting. Then I will get some aluminum and do some even more fun stuff with the mpcnc primo.
Is there any other wake surf ppl out there.

Far from perfect or clean I hope to refine it more on the next revision.


I grew up on a lake and learned to water ski at an early age. Never went past slalom skiing. I don’t get to ski very often anymore, but I try to get out at least once a year to make sure I can still get up.

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What are those for? I have never water skied.

Oh I love water skiing so much, but now I am old and my knees hurt and I am flabby lol
Surfing is low speed like 8-12 mph and you don’t need a rope you just surf the wave and can do some tricks etc. it’s a lot of fun.

They are tabs that I can deploy from the drivers/captain chair. It’s used when you put a v drive boat ( meaning a boat that has a onboard engine and the prop is under the hull and fixed. As in can’t tilt, and also can’t be reached by someone’s foot when they fall )
You load the boat up with about 2400lbs of water. Put a hydrofoil down that’s on the transom of the boat. That makes the boat squat it’s butt down. And it makes a nice even tall wave.
Then you deploy a tab and that stall/spoils the water on that side letting the other side develop smoother,taller and more push.
I am still pretty new with this but it’s alot of fun !!!
Here are some pics of others I don’t have any ones of me on my phone.


Ok so first revision worked and didn’t fly off but it’s not nearly enough displacement. So I will have to make them bigger and add one more hinge.
What’s about 6 holes in your boat right lol.
Here is a example of what the tabs have done to my wave. And if you compare to the pics above you can see it’s not the best wave.

Speed was 11mph power wedge down all the way then two bumps up.
And fwd center and both aft ballast tanks full. 1250 lbs total.
Just wanted to update

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