First post. 4X8 lowrider2 build

Hi all, this is my first post on here and I’m currently underway on my 4x8 lowrider2 build. I’m super excited and can’t wait to get cutting.

Here’s some pictures of what all I’ve gotten done so far. I still need to build a table for it and start wiring everything up. I’m definitely going to need some help with the wiring as I plan to add dual end stops to my build.

I can build just about anything but when it comes to firmware and wiring, I know little to nothing and I’m hoping you all can help me along the way.

My first snag is that I ordered a MKS TFT 28 screen and I’m trying to connect this to the Rambo 1.4 board. Is this possible at all? I do see one location on the board that has 8 pins which does fit the connection cable for the screen but nothing comes up when I power on the board. Does the screen need a firmware flash before I can start seeing images?

Also, does anyone have detailed instructions on how I can go about adding dual end stops to my setup using the Rambo 1.4 board? It doesn’t look like I have enough cable or the correct cables to join the endstops to the stepper motors.

Thanks all!


Greetings… I’m a total newbie on this site too, but I have been researching for my LRV2 build and found a few videos online about adding end stops.

I’m almost positive you’ll need additional wires and not be able to wire your motors in serial. The V1 shop sells the wire kit you need. Search for “Wiring Kit” and then use the drop down to select the “Individual for Dual endstop firmware” if this link doesn’t work…

Michael of Teaching Tech on YouTube covers adding end stops in his second video if i remember correctly. If you search for Teaching Tech Lowrider, you should get all three of his videos.

Good luck

Can anyone with knowledgeof thr rambo 1.4 board help me out with this? I’m running an MKS TFT28 screen and it came with n 8 pin connector. The only spot I see on the rambo board that it’ll fit is the analogpins but when I power it on, nothing happens. I get a little green LED light come on at the board but nothing on my screen. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Erik. I’ve watched his videos a few times but he didn’t go into the end stop in that great of details. I’m still having a hard time following it.

The LCD we usually use is a Full Discount Rep Rap Display. It uses I2C, and some digital IO. The firmware is configured to use that screen.

The MKS TFT 2.8 uses a serial port (uart) to talk. The RAMPS board has an aux port that will power the display, and communicate over serial. I don’t think the same port is on the rambo. At least not in that same configuration. I think you will need to make a separate harness to connect them, and you’ll need to study the schematics of both boards.

From what I remember of the teaching tech video, he used the full discount display with the rambo, and the tft with another controller.

Thanks Jeff. Si if I buy the screen from the shop here. Would it be a plug and play?

Yes, it would be.

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@Hnnguyen85 I’m not sure if you’ve tried this already, but in your picture the cord is plugged into the Wifi port on the LCD. It should be plugged into the port at the bottom center of the LCD.

That said, I have no idea if it will work on a RAMPS board as I have an SKR.

Good luck!

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Hey i found this post while looking to make sure the lowrider can do a full 4’x8’ sheet and then noticed your parts, off topic but how did you get such a nice finish on the parts?

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I’ve tried all 3 ports on the screen and none of them work. I also reversed the plug on the rambo board and that didn’t help either.

I printed really slow, 40mm per second. It doubled my print time to a total of 130 hours but it was well worth it. Perfect layers with zero stringing. I also tried a new PLA filament as well and I really like it.