First motion

Howdy all,

after some time, I finally wired the steppers of my AR2R-MPCNC.

Questions, remarks, opinions? Yes, please!




Looks nice. Keep an eye on those belts. They are not made for this application. Chances are really high the steel will break from the constant tight turning radius. It is pretty tall with a large router so any speeds and feeds you see you will need much more conservative numbers.


Looks like you had a lot of fun building it!

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Wait a minute, those parts are about 3 1/2 years old where did you get them? The new versions are many times more rigid.

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Howdy, Ryan,

Thanks for the faster than real time reply. I’ll certainly watch those belts. As you see, I designed my own variant of holders for them.

And yes, so far, building it was more fun than using it. But that will hopefully change soon to a different c.o.g. .


I am aware of that, but I built them myself, well, is it already three years ago? I posted some pics on your old homepage then.

They were printed partly from PLA, mostly PETG.

It’s the pulley that will kill them. Work harden then break, think paper clip bending.

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What about those parts, where did you get them? Those should be long gone and not available anywhere online.


I’ve got enough black belts lying around… While the steel will break, textile inlays desintegrate in fibers. btst.