First make

For the person complaining about people only posting machine builds :slight_smile: here is my first thing made.

Google Photos

Just 1/4" plywood cut through with a 1/8" up cut spiral bit.

Next one I need to engrave the part numbers on the pieces so I can tell where they go. I also need to make the slots bigger so the intended audience can actually put it together. On this one I errored on the side of too tight for fear of it falling apart.

Nice I think If I could find a scorpion my little 5 year old shop helper would really have fun with one of those.

Here’s the larger version with a 4 year old for scale.

Google Photos

Dude! That’s cool!

Thanks! There were two pieces that I had to cut by hand because they were too big. Next summer I will make the build area bigger.

Hi Matt did you use the free Autodesk 123D make app to crate the sections to be cut?

see link below.

AutoDesk 123 make

Now he tells me :slight_smile:

Thanks I will download it and see if I can figure it out. I couldn’t really do it with estlcam and I couldn’t figure out the fusion 360 cam at all.

I read your reply wrong. No I did not use that program I bought the dxf file from