First Fusion CAM output is "Tilted" in and other Noob Questions

OK, I’m finally getting back to playing with Ryan’s baby! I just created my first set of gcode, using F360 and the latest version of Guffy’s post processor. The setup in F360 has 4 operations: Face, Outer Contour, Adaptive 2D Pocket, and 2D Contour to finish.

Being rather nervous about making chips for the first time with F360, I decided to load my gcode into

  1. The view looking up the Y-axis is attached and appears "tilted". Any ideas as to why?
  2. These 4 operations require 2 different tools, for the facing I was going to use the Whiteside CNC Spoilboard 1" diameter cutter and a single flute 1/8" upcut carbide from Ryan for the rest. When I examine the Gcode between sections--I'm assuming that the M0 commands will actually stop the spindle and prompt on the display. Is that correct?G1 X-7.54 Z2.54 ; MOVEMENT_RAPID G0 Z15 F300 ; *** SECTION end ***

    ; *** SECTION begin ***
    ; — CHANGE TOOL begin —
    G0 Z40 F300
    G0 X0 Y0 F2500
    M300 S300 P3000
    M0 Turn OFF spindle
    M0 Tool 1
    M0 Attach ZProbe
    G28 Z
    G92 Z1
    G0 Z40 F300
    M0 Detach ZProbe
    ; — CHANGE TOOL end —
    ;2D Contour1 - Milling - Tool: 1 - flat end mill
    ; X Min: -2.54 - X Max: 126.588
    ; Y Min: -1.587 - Y Max: 106.588
    ; Z Min: 0 - Z Max: 15
    M0 Turn ON 30000RPM

Thanks in advance!


post your gcode. NCviewer just reads what is in your gcode, so your CAM/model orientation might be off.

Also, if you’re using the DW660, then no, it won’t stop the spindle unless you have something like a relay connected to the board. If nothing is connecting the dw660 to the control board, nothing is going to happen between them.

Here’s the Full G-code. I realize that the SPINDLE won’t stop (since I am indeed using a DW660) I just want the X, Y, & Z movements to stop, so I can stop the spindle, and do the tool change :-). I’m also hoping that the text on the M0 lines actually shows on the display of the machine.

and THANKS for the help :-).


AB3D_Plaque.gcode (1.36 MB)

you will need to check your cam and cad model and make sure it’s actually flat on the modeling plane. It’s most likely that your model is tilted somehow, as there are a lot of z moves for most of the flat profile cuts

Looks perfectly flat to me! See attached.

Your gcode is fine.

I loaded it in ncviewer and if you turn on the virtual DRO it is applying a rotation in the B axis. I think the ncviewer does not understand semicolon for comments, so it is interpreting ‘AB3D’ (somehow) as movement to B3, or 3 degree rotation in B.

If I use parentheses around those two lines, everything lies flat.

I did not find an option to understand semicolon as parentheses. Worst case you could manually strip them out for preview with ncviewer.


Major prop @Jamie! Thanks! That one was tricky! I removed the AB3D lines and poof–looks good.

Just for fun, I also ran this through ESTLCam and it too showed the rotation, since it too put the filename into a comment!!! :-).


I should have noticed that ncviewer showed the B3 in BLUE not BLACK!!!

good find! I looked at the gcode and saw tons of Z movements after the lead in, but that may be just the rest of the lead in, depending on how fusion is doing it.