First cut with a router

I’ve done a few tests with a pen using the tutorial on the V1 site. I’m happy with the results so I was going to try with a router and 1/8 flute bit next on some mdf. Since the tool in the tutorial is set up for the same thing, should I be able to use the same file with my router? I’ll lower the tool so it’s just above the mdf and hit print, and it should pick up, move the same as when using a pen and cut a 1mm depth. All of my settings are the same as Ryan included in the crown tutorial. I’m hoping to avoid breaking a bit on my first try.


Thanks again for any advice.

I forgot to mention, the router I have is a Powerfist (Princess Auto brand… cheap) rotary tool. I can set the RPM digitally from 10k to 35k RPM in 5k increments. Any recommendation on tool RPM for MDF?

At first don’t over think it too much. Smoke means RPMs are too high, chunking along or breaking a bit means too slow. So you can start high and work your way down. Getting a sense of what is right is pretty easy, adjust it slowly and play around. MDF is about as hard as wood gets so any regular wood is more forgiving (unless you hit a knot).

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The speed (feed rate)your gcode file runs at should be ok as well?

The crown one for the pen, yeah it should work. It is shallow so really can go wrong with that in wood.

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I think you meant “so nothing really can go wrong”. :slight_smile: