First couple of Creations!

Sign my daughter helped design

Couple of others. Making the big one out of red oak eventually

More to come!


Hey, I recognise that ‘Brentland’ image from your other thread! I’m glad to hear you got it working and are getting such nice results.

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Finished oak version
3mm DOC
1/8” endmill
10mm/s Feedrate
Linear pockets
0.2mm finishing pass (probably do a bit more next time)
Total time about an hour.
Size - 590mm x 280mm


Good job on those small letters with an endmill!

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Those were actually carved with a 60 degree v bit. Unfortunate part at the bottom of the E was a small chunk of grain that broke off when sanding.


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Ahhhh, That is how you did it. The tiny part of the E is a bummer but I bet only us CNC geeks would even notice something like that.

True it’s like my job, only another electrician will notice a crooked conduit! :joy:

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Latest project
Red oak finished with walnut oil.
4” x 16”


Latest creation for my father in law. Got the angle of my small v bit dialed in now.


Been a while since I cut something on the CNC. Here is my latest.
3/4” MDF
1/8” upcut for cutout
60 degree v-bit for letters and numbers
4.2mm DOC
12.5 mm/sec feedrate for end mill
10mm/sec feedrate for v bit
Full depth finishing pass at 1mm (20mm/sec) for cutout.
About an hour and 10 minutes total cut time


Okay, your turn.


“Hansonbros” off the last ‘a’ in Canada for the triple word score and bonus score for using all my tiles. If you don’t like it, I’ve got three guys who will want to talk to you… :eyeglasses: :eyeglasses: :eyeglasses:

Well played!

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You guys don’t play by the “no proper noun” rule?

Hockey has rules?