Firmware issues

I bought the kit a couple of weeks ago and have got things built finally. The board I got was the Rambo board with endstops. However, I didn’t install the endstops.

Playing around with Etslcam, somehow I managed to flash over the firmware in the board. Great. So I followed instructions and got the Arduino environment installed with the LCD library and Rambo board definition.

From there, I downloaded the version of the firmware without endstops. After flashing, I notice the system is only using one stepper motor per axis and the X/Y access are reversed.

What am I missing here? Help!




The non-dual endstop version of the firmware only controls X, Y, and Z. If you want independent control (like X, X2, Y, Y2, and Z) then you’ll need to reinstall the dual endstop version.

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If you only have the wires for a dual endstop build you can disable the endstops in the firmware.