Firmware help please

I’m looking for some help getting and loading Marlin firmware into an skr 1.2 pro I’m not all that computer savvy
Instructions say locate .bin file and rename FIRMWARE.bin so where can I find this file I’ve downloaded the correct firmware (I think)can someone help thanks

What system are you using the SKR on and what firmware did you download?

if you open up the file, you see the firmware file of interest:

so it is already firmware.bin.

  • You put that firmware.bin file on a blank SD card
  • power off the SKR
  • put SD CARD in the SKR sd card slot.
  • power on the SKR
  • if there are any flashing lights, wait until they stop flashing,
  • press reset on skr.
  • You should see flashing lights. Give it a couple seconds.
  • then power it off.
  • plug the SD card back into your computer and look to verify the firmware.bin file name has changed to firmware.CUR. If it changed, then your board is flashed. If it is not changed, then it did not. Try again by powering down and repeating the steps ahead with inserting the card.
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Tried several times nothing changes on sd card any thoughts on why

Are you plugging the card into the SK board or the Display? You need to plug it into the SK board, NOT the display.

The board the display is not plugged in

I use an SD card with nothing but the firmware.bin file on it. It can’t be anywhere but the root directory. It should work with other files present, but I never have any.

I power the board down, insert the micro SD card, and power it up to flash.

If it isn’t working, do you get any other response from the board? Can you connect to it via USB and get any response? Preferably something that proves it has firmware now…

And to check… you are getting the LEDs that show for Vin (12/24V), 5V and 3.3V? You don’t have the 5V power jumper set to USB?

Jumper is in correct location card only has firmware.bin file on it I have not tried via USB it is my next move thanks

It also might be helpful to know more about the card.
Older/slow cards work better, card has to be fat32.

(Unless you know this card has been read by the controller before. I didn’t see where that was stated one way or the other.)

Fat 32 ?

Unless you jump through hoops, the maximum size SD card that will work with your SKR Pro bord is 32GB. The card must be formatted FAT32. FAT32 is the default format Windows uses when formatting cards of 32GB and smaller.