Firmware: Forked Marlin version or original one?

I’m almost done building my first MPCNC and following the guide, I uploaded the firmware from Github.
The linked repository seems to be a forked version of the original one, however it seems it needs some tweaks in its configuration (working area, fixing endstops, correct steps per axis etc etc).

Is that normal? Given that I’ll have to configure it from scratch, is there any reason to use the forked one or can I use the official one?
For your info I’m not using the dual endstop build, but the simpler one with endstops.

If you’re not using dual endstops, just get the preconfigured firmware. Ryan has one for threaded rod, and one for a lead screw. Scroll past all the v2 stuff to the board you’re using, and grab the files from there. The github stuff is still kind of experimental.

It is pretty cool if you dive into github a little bit you can compare branches and see exactly what I have changed. In some cases it is very little. If you are comfortable with edits, by all means, make a few changes and you are good to go.