Firmware builds all current!, so it took a while to get things back in order.

No idea what happened, but the LowRider dual endstop firmware was not working and I could not figure out what the heck was going on. I merged my previous changes last night to at least get the rest caught up…today the LR Dual is working…no idea why it is different.

So we can get ready for a new release soon if we get some testers.


Those track bugfix. Do they work if we try to use a stable version? Like

If not, we can wait until they merge it into a stable branch like, or


So the nightly bugfix branch is not working but the Hmmmm, shoot back to the drawing board. The only thing that isn’t working on the current bug fix is the dual LR and I can’t figure out why.

Not sure if you saw my idea to get a configured marlin spit out even if it fails. I will poke around and try to get that working so I can test a little faster.


For some reason, I am not getting the emails anymore. This is part of github that doesn’t seem very clear to me.

I can take a closer look tomorrow.

No rush. It seems like there is a bunch of odd stuff in the builds lately, but this has been an error for a few months at this point I think.

I will keep poking at it as well but I think I am going to take a trip to see my Mom for the first time since Covid, this weekend.


Have a good visit. :+1:

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Okay Heffe Pulled another miracle and they all work!!

I can’t do any testing for a few days but the only thing I am concerned with is the arcs. If someone could run a quick test with the release and just see if the Arcs stutter or not would be awesome!

**edit…why did I type Jeff…you will always be Heffe to me :laughing:

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Old links

OK. is building. So if anyone wants to test it before it goes to the releases, here are some links:

Note Make sure you grab the one for your machine that ends in, not bugfix

Download the zips from the artifacts section.

Edit: Well, Ryan you pointed to the releases page. Check out v511 if you want to test it. This will migrate to the MarlinBuilder releases page in a few days.


Here are the Arc test files. Firmware uncertainties - #21 by vicious1

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v511 with Marlin is out, on the MarlinBuilder releases page.


You are a champion!

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Does Marlin sources are still supposed to be embeded in MarlinBuilder releases ?
I ask because it is not the case in v511 and i would need it to go for air assist control that Marlin allows.

Yeah. We found that bug, reverted to v510, and have a fix ready for v512. There was also a report of inverted direction on dual endstop builds, so Ryan is testing some new flags. 512 should be soon.

I would always want to provide the source. Marlin is an open source project, afterall. Just made a mistake in the script.


I think it is good to go now. I think I can work out the release changes again if you are busy Heffe. Just let me know I don’t want to chance a mess up unless I need to.

We do need to keep the Reverse warning I put in the 511 notes.

512 up as prerelease, I will do a quick check on the zips and then make it the release. :crossed_fingers:

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Looks like you had a heck of a time making that work. More src issues, docs page, and repeat printer stuff? I really appreciate that, and I am really glad I asked for you to take a look. I would have freaked out if I tried it and everything exploded.

It was surprising. The docs page puked with the name change (src) and the MP3RP (which I anticipated). But then I was surprised when half the builds still said -src. Oops.

It looks like a lot, but that’s just because each step was well documented.

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Thank you !

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This is an embarrasingly basic question but I haven’t updated firmware in a while so…

I have a Lowrider with no endstops and have a Rambo board.
Do I use or

Does it matter?