Firmware and Connections of Lowrider V2(skr v1.3 and TMC5160)

I have 3 problems specifically to move my cnc

1.-I have my electronics connected in this way, but I don’t know if the jumpers are in place and if I have to make some changes in the TMC5160, I read that a cable from GND to CLK should be soldered and the CLK pin cut, I should do it ?

2.-If I have that board with those drivers, what firmware should I upload because when I try to use the one given in a link on YouTube it throws me an error that says this (error: could not find the package with ‘framework-arduino-lpc176x @ 0.1. 3’ requirements for your system ‘windows_amd64’); that when investigating it means because it is already an old version of the Marlin firmware, do you know if there is a more updated version for my board and drivers or am I doing something wrong when installing the one I have?

3.-Does anyone have a FIRMWARE.bin file that they can provide me to be able to use it on my board with those drivers or in that case, what support could they give me?

Are you following the teaching tech video from a few years ago?

We don’t have firmware precompiled for 5160 drivers. I haven’t used them. I vaguely remember an issue with cutting the clk, but I don’t remember which board that was on.

Yes there is a link on YouTube to download that version But then should I take a version and modify it in that case?

We keep our firmware at MarlinBuilder releases. There are some for skr 1p3 2209.