Finally up and running

Man this was a step learning curve for me. I have a few years of solidworks under my belt but 0 when it comes to CAM and toolpathing.

I managed to get my first successful project cut in 1/4 scale, now I’m attempting to do it 1:1 scale.

Had some issues the the screws coming loose on the z motor last night so it ruined my first attempt of doing this in foam.


It’s like an electric ukulele! Looks awesome.

Thanks. I’m still having a real hard time doing too changes for some reason. At least resetting the height between changes when tools aren’t the same height.

Good looking work!

For tool changes a touch plate is pretty easy, once you to it a couple times. I have one for sale you You can just use some metal of know thickness and an alligator clip. Code is on the milling basics page or the shop page for the touch plate.

Yeah, I’m still in baby step mode. I have to do the dual end stops still.

You can still use the touch plate with no endstops. It just sets the new Z zero.