Finally getting started

After a year I’m finally getting started on my build! Put a bunch of weird items on my Christmas list and the last needed part came through… Unfortunately it wasn’t quite what I asked for… Anyone ever use the Panucatt 3x Pro on mpcnc? Either way I’m moving forward with it… With the extra drivers could even do some multicolored printing eventually.

That board should work great, some minor firmware tweaks but you should be just fine.

Should change my name to molasses… electronics almost done. Still need to add a USB connector as well as the end stop connectors. But I’m waiting on Amazon for those. So it’s onto wiring harnesses. Should mention I added a 60 am subpanel so I could run additional power in the basement for this… Built a solid table… dust collection system… So maybe not molasses… Hmm maybe turtle ?

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[attachment file=55371]