Finally conquered ALUMINUM!!!!!

Today marks the day on which I finally (and fearlessly LOL) conquered aluminum. No broken bits, no drama, only chips and in the end, the thing that I asked it to cut. I took a lot of attempts to cut aluminum back in December last year but all I got were broken bits all over the place. But at last, I have done it! DONE IT! Sorry I am too excited.

The feeds and speeds are nothing to write home about: 0.3mm DOC and 8mm/s feed for both slot and pocket; did not use any of the fancier cutting method. I can see some chatter happening but no biggy! I am too excited to do a proper measurement but seems like the parameters are within 0.5mm. YAAAAAAAAAY!

It did leave a bit of aluminum at the bottom (hair thick) so wasn’t hard to remove it. Note to myself: when DOC is too small, make sure to set the height as accurately as possible!

On the other hand, can someone tell me how to do a full dept finishing pass in estlcam? When I set finishing pass and select the tool (that I am already using to cut), seems like it puts in the finishing pass at the dept originally set for the tool. Do I have to set a different tool for finishing pass?


you should just be able to set the finishing pass thicker than your material, that way it does one pass around the part.

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Thanks! So set a new tools for finishing pass with DOC thicker than the material itself? Do I select the material as the “finishing tool” while setting the cut or do I set a completely new path with the finishing tool (and material thickness)?

In estlcam there are separate finishing setting built right in, yellow on the depth and speeds, and allowance is set in the settings portion.


Congrats, you have concord the almighty aluminum shark!

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Thanks Ryan. It was an exciting achievement to be able to mill aluminum without any drama :smiley:

Where’s the “yellow on the depth and speed” part in estlcam?

I might be doing things wrong but when I set up for finishing passes I set up cut 1 with the tolerance to 0.20mm (the yellow fields in the cut setup window). Then I set up a second cut, this time without any tolerance entered. Two full cuts, including however many Z steps that requires for each task.

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You might need to enable the view.

[attachment file=94738]

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Congrat on a great cut.

I am a complete MPCNC greenhorn but I am hoping that in a few months I will also be able to shout about such a nice piece.

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Metal shark, do do do do do… (for anyone with young children who watch YouTube kids.

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Thank you very much for the image; I did not know about that part.

Thanks! Wish you all the best; it is not as hard as it looks. Just make sure you put on some eye + hearing protection :smiley:

Baby shark!