Finalized Cribbage Board

Finally got my cribbage board done. Lots of issues along the way and want to thank everyone who provided input and suggestions. The drill bit from IDC Woodcraft saved my bacon and shaved two hours off the entire project.

Soft maple for the main body. Hard maple for the cover. The only issue now is that the hard maple warped. Hopefully the magnets installed will eventually straighten it out.

This one is for a friend of my dad’s. Already have a couple more planned for gifts and orders.

-Ryan J.


Holy cow, that’s beautiful! My mother LOVES cribbage (and to be fair, I do too) so I think this is incredible.

Very nice beautiful job. The IDC drills and mills are good quality stuff. :ok_hand:

This is super clean. Great job

Edit: What were your settings on that drill? I want one now

Thank you for the compliments. It took 5 previous failures to get it right.

I run the bit at 10mm DoC at 20mm/s plunge speed. That’s the fatest I can plunge with current settings. IDC claims 25.4mm/s is the ideal plunge rate.

I’m looking at getting the Hog and/or Beast and see how they work for rough pocketing. That’s the longest part of the board and I’d love to cut the time down.

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Funny you should say that. My next board will be a Christmas present for my mom. Then I’m going to try a couple of other board designs.

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You’ve inspired me to try to design a board for my mother for Christmas!