Filament runout sensor?

I’m wanting to put a runout sensor on the new printer I’ll start building soon.

Anyone have any good recommendations on designs/setups that work well?

I’ll be running Marlin on a skr with tft and a hemera hot end. I’ll be pushing prints to the printer through octopus.

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Mine is just a standard endstop switch with the little red roller on the end.

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I bought the BTT smart one but have not tried to make it work yet

Have you considered posting for an intern at a local college or university? On the plus side, they’re usually house-trained.

None of the friends I had in college were.

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Engineering interns make actual money. So the BTT sensor is a lot cheaper.

Did they unionize or something? At that point, it’s a part-time job, not an internship…

IDK the story, but I got paid twice what I was making in retail when I got my first internship, and I was on the low end. It isn’t “buy a house in 2023” money. But it certainly helped with college costs.

I’ve seen the other side too. Engineer fresh out of college can be a crap shoot. And they often take a long time to get spun up. If you can “recruit” them for $25/hr while they are still in college, they are more likely to join you for a good rate when they graduate and hit the ground running. Plus, engineering interns often get a lot of stuff done, because they are sort of on an extended job interview.

I went to an all engineering school and I remember a comedian coming to our college and making jokes about free intern labor. We all wanted to tell him, but couldn’t.

Is the filament runout sensor installed?
I know how to setup the marling software to use a switch.
I am volunteer and in this function I learn young children to build there own 3D printer.
We use a Arduino Mega 2560 as controler.