Filament leaked--How to clean/fix

so i did not follow the instructions on the website and i didnt tighten the nozzle and some filament got into the white insulation that surrounds the square heating element.

I am tempted to get a new extruder and deal with it later but is there a way to fix this without having to buy a new one or spare parts?

I know i can get the nozzle and throat cleaned off but what about the filament that got into the white insulation?

thanks for any help.

Just take it off, Most of mine are gone now as well. I am pretty sure I won’t be shipping them with the insulation anymore.

whys that?

I have to disassemble all of them to remove the clog they all have when there are assembled because of that stuff. I don’t think they actually do much. Or in other words they are more hassle than they are worth.

do you have an alternative extruder that i could get or a better one that would fit the MP3DP? just wondering.

Not yet, I have some things I am trying now but only so we can use some higher temp materials. I am a pretty big fan of these extruders.

It is pretty easy to make a bracket for anything to fit though. all depends on what you want it for, these for me are the best option, maybe not for everyone though. After going to MRRF I saw so many different extruders, there is even a flex drive direct drive bowden style, blew my mind.

If you do want to replace the insulation, they are pretty cheap. I found one at microcenter even for $1.99, I think.

I think the reason they are insulated is too keep The heat more consistent, and not hear you the plastic, but I don’t know how much that 1mm makes any difference.

hey just letting yall know i found the insulation strips on amazon for a few bucks. so ill just clean the extruder and replace the insulation.

I bought a bunch of the six sided ones for the site but I have no way to sell the kapton tape other than big rolls so I never put it up.