Filament choice

I’ve been wanting to build a cnc machine for years and went this route so someone can hold my hand. Over the past year I’ve been working as a button pusher in a job shop and that still hasn’t scratch the itch. Knowing I eventually wanted to get into aluminum milling I made some possibly hasty decisions. I’m halfway printing all my parts with 3dxtech carbonX petg with 5 perimeters at 50% infill. According to their test results it seems more rigid than pla. Does anyone have experience with this material? I would like to know if its worth opening up a 3rd spool or scrapping it all for cheap pla.

There have been some debates on this forum concerning using carbon fiber filled PETG vs. PLA, but this is the first time I’ve seen on the forum where someone has taken the step to actually print with carbon fiber PETG. Based on the limited tech data on the 3dtech site, it does appear to be stiffer than PLA, so it cannot hurt. Besides people’s opinions, I doubt you are going to get any hard data to support a decision. The one potential positive for the CF PETG is heat tolerance. There are a few forum topics where parts melted…a machine transported in a car, a machine outside covered by a clear tarp, and a machine in a very hot climate. The vast majority of MPCNC don’t have a problem with melted PLA.


I think either plastic is going to be fine. If you want to finish in PLA, that is ok. I don’t see any reason to scrap what you have and reprint in PLA.

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Thank you guys for your responses. I’ve been dealing with a bit of crap from my boss regarding building this machine and I guess I just needed some positive reinforcement. I’m going to continue dumping money on filament for these prints because 3dxtech is a local company to me and I plan on finishing what I started.

Hello … can it be made in POLYCARBONATE filament?

Hi Israel. I’ve never read on this forum of anyone even considering polycarbonate filament, so that is likely why you have not had an answer to your question. Based on the limited information I found online concerning polycarbonate filament, it should be stiff enough and therefore work well.