Feeds and speeds

hi. I am trying to learn what proper settings are using the recommended fswizard app, but the output doesn’t seem to make any sense. My understanding is I am supposed to select my material, tool, and engagement. Then the output on the blue bar gives me the recommendation (plus the guidance on limiting the forces my machine can handle etc below the blue bar). However the output seems way out of scale. Using wood for example, the output shows I should/could cut at ~300x (Vc) what the machine is likely capable of. Ok so if I enter a speed more in line with my machine (0.9 m/min) the RPM goes down to something below what I can run. Does that mean I can run at any RPM higher and be fine? Or any speed slower? Not sure what I have wrong on inputs or how to interpret the results. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


I think it is best to stick with my recommendations in the milling basics page for now. Soft wood like pine is great to learn on. A calculator is a very complicated thing, you should already have a lot of experience before you touch one.

Thanks Ryan for the reply. I have been doing a number of projects using your basic recommendations (Speed 15 mm/s , Feed : 3mm/s , DOC: .5-2mm, 45% Step Over), and everything seems to work well enough on soft wood, plywood, mdf, modeling foam. Fun stuff, making signs and carvings, etc. My tool list below for reference.

I guess my question is more aimed at aligning the output from fswizard (which is recommended for use on the Milling Basic page) to what I am experiencing IRL so that it can be useful going forward. So even for wood, I don’t see anything remotely close to alignment to your basic recommendations. At least not how I am interpreting it. I had expected the wizard, would indicate something similar to you recommendations as a starting off point.

Try deeper and slower. Should be faster overall.


You must be missing a setting. That is why it is best not to rely to heavily on them. Make test cuts on your machine and take notes.

[attachment file=“Annotation 2019-05-16 080357.jpg”]

Slotting wood, 5mmDOC, 25k RPM, single flute 1/8", 1kg force, ~8mm/s


Thanks! Now I’m starting to get it. It helps to know what is reasonable output to get a baseline. Thanks for the help!