Faux fireplace grille

When we built our house 7+ years ago we roughed in a gas fireplace to save $$$. It’s been a big black box in our living room ever since.

My 13 year old decided to earn money selling custom designs on Etsy so I commissioned a custom grill design from her.

Cut this out of some scrap 1/8 Masonite and framed with some 3/4 stock cut from a cruddy 2x4. Finished with an oil rubbed bronze finish from a rattle can.

Could have used a bit more sanding but I wanted it up for Xmas so I rushed it a bit.


That’s neat. Did you pay her in exposure? :stuck_out_tongue: But for real: I love when parents support their kids.


She asked what I wanted for Christmas… I have enough mugs :slight_smile:

Her mom and her are still working out her Etsy store.


Very cool!