Fancypants Push Stick with Replaceable Stick

My trusty table saw helped quite a bit with my LR3 build, pre-cutting struts, fast and accurate pieces of Ryan’s torsion box table, and even being a handy table to stack all the pieces.

It was feeling neglected, so to honor it, I made it a fancy push stick, out of some pretty nice oak plywood scrap.

Found the olde tyme saw handle SVG file in some dark corner of the internet, and designed a replaceable “blade”. The smaller handle was the first wood cut on my new lr3, worked fantastic, but was a little too small for my hand. 30 seconds later it was resized to my exact hand dimensions, gotta love CAD! Finished the job on a little router table.

This thing will be a joy to use, feels perfect in my hand! Maybe I’ll make a saw…


(Happy to share it, just need to clean up the DXF a bit. EstlCam manual vector tracing sure is handy!)


I just love the cool hint to classical handsaw :slight_smile:

I never felt very confident or secure with push-sticks though, ever since I printed a “Grrr-ripper” clone, I only use this at te table saw and router table, it’s so much more secure :slight_smile:

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Did you print Doug’s?

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That’s really nice, and I’d be happy to make one if you share. :wink:

Probably not, didn’t know he made one, I’ll check…
I printed this a few years ago already: Push Block by Trobinou - Thingiverse


I love my grrrripper etc, but sometimes I find this style is handy. Plus one can never have too many push sticks!
I might make a little caddy that holds it on the fence for convenience.

I’ll definitely get the cleaned up DXF up on printables soon.


I should probably make a nicer one. I always just grab a scrap of 1/4" plywood and rip one out on the bandsaw when the current one gets destroyed.

I need to go find the 3d print for the gripper clone. I keep looking at buying one of those.

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Mine is a remix of that one.

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this is cool!

Found one that combines a lot of mods and uses M5 screws. I think I am going to print this one:

Would love to get a copy of this, once your happy with the clean up.


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Here you go! I put the “pockets” and “part outlines” (and “hole” which I helical drilled) on separate layers in the DXF.
Have fun! Would love to see your versions. Perhaps a fancy wood for the handle…


It looks awesome. Thanks for sharing the files.


its the paw print for me!

Also will it cut a dove tail :eyes:

I have an OEM Gripper and it always feel a little sketchy. It is designed to run your hand over the top of the blade. I barely use it

I’ve had a couple pretty much since they were invented. They revolutionised TS safety IMHO, particularly when cutting small pieces.
I wouldn’t use them for cutting sheet materials, but the way they control material on both sides of the blade makes any sort of kickback impossible.

I don’t particularly enjoy having my hand over the blade, but I can’t think of why it’s unsafe, providing you have the blade set less than the height of the grrrippers of course. On the other hand I have had two “scares” using push sticks, both my fault - one where after the cut I accidentally dropped the end of the stick into the still spinning blade. Let’s just say I was lucky that time.

Table saws require 110% concentration!