Failure rate of buck converters?

Man O Man, looks like we will be making all Circuitry in here before too long, to heck with Amazon and Aliexpress!!

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Could do, although I’m not sure there’s a huge advantage to DIYing such generic blocks. They’re so basic and so ubiquitous that it’s likely to be much more expensive and failure prone than just getting a decent one. The trick is, of course, finding where to get that ‘decent’ one!

If the issue is the inductor, it would be similar to what you’d get from a contract assembler anyway unless you had a specific test plan in place to catch outright failures like this. When I get designs made I typically try to find a happy medium with how much testing can be done at the factory without needing to create a specific jig for the purpose. In this case, it’d be something like apply 24V power to the input from a bench power supply, current limit set to 2A, connect a 5R 10W power resistor to the output, adjust the trimpot 4 turns clockwise, measure the output voltage and verify that it’s within 3-7 V, adjust the trimpot to 5V, use a multimeter to measure the voltage ripple. That’s likely a 2-3 minute test per part so potentially $1-2 just by itself in small volumes. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but does potentially double the price!