My bearing pulled a Bill, caused this one to fail about 30 minutes into a 8 hour print. Not to bad, first true fail of all 4 of my printers running since I designed them. I haven’t dug to deep but I suspect the bearing is going bad and got dragged out. We’ll see, for now I have to heat it up and lovingly rip the plastic off.

Anyone else got some nasty fail pics to post?

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Made mine a headstone.

Big ol turn on that one.

Heck, I knocked the extruder/hotend off several times when making tall parts, until I rerouted wires to stop getting pinched when near the top. I didn’t get too many pictures though… This is the only one I find on my phone:

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So glad I’m not the only one. I have no idea why it happened the bearing a rod are still good, I pushed it all the way back in and it has been going strong since that picture.

Super Glue, lots of super glue.

Okay this isn’t really an mpcnc fail but I felt it was somewhat on topic. I can’t watch this without laughing a little. It’s like showing mankind’s advanced technology and stupidity at the same time.

Wish I recorded this one time I lowered my z with an extruder way too low, planting it into a GLASS bed. Gotta give you props Ryan, you designed it for squashing in mind, you’re my machines hero.

Oh man, I can’t watch that… I made it 31 seconds. Yikes.
At school some dude left the HASS to mill unattended, immediately after he started his job. It drilled something like 60 1" holes about 2" into the XY table. The professor was so pissed he took it off and left it in the CAD lab for a while and didn’t get it fixed for more than a semester.

Almost did it…

Heh, my dad had a “bucket of shame” sitting beside the big metal shear in his welding class. Was full of shorter tape measures.

Heh, my attempt at printing the ZenXY parts in silver turned out about like that. I’ve switched to black and they’re getting done. I did end up with a communication failure 8 hours into a 10 hour print last night though. :frowning:

From what I’ve heard the plexiglass doors do a pretty good job at keeping things that get thrown from going through. One thing that always scares me when I run the Haas mills at work though is the tool change on 100% rapids. I would NOT want to see a 10lb tool (I’ve heard it’s usually the heavy tools that are either unbalanced or not “marked as heavy” in the program that get thrown) be ejected from the tool changing arm. Those things move surprisingly quick, and when you’re around that, the loud first endmill entry on each part isn’t as scary anymore.

Dang! That video had my toes curling under the desk

I may have made myself a temporary solution, at least until I get around to reprinting that part. It turns out if you wrap it tightly with a big enough zip-tie, the bearings will stay in (at least through a six hour print). I did that to finish the ZenXY parts today… :wink:

For the bearings on the mk mount, do you put 2 on top and 1 on the bottom, or does it matter?

I don’t think it matters much but I always put 1 on the bottom, 2 on the top.