F360 Friendly Files for LR3 25p4 Brace?

I’m trying to design a bracket that can attach to the lower rear corner of a strut brace (25p4 version). While I could probably get an approximation of dimensions using a set of calipers, I was hoping to import the brace design into F360 and sketch the new design around the brace.

The files available on Printables and Thingiverse are .3mf, which F360 (or at least the free version) doesn’t recognize. I tried a free online conversion site, but the resulting STL file only bore a vague resemblance to the original part…

I understand from earlier posts that @vicious1 doesn’t release STEP files for proprietary reasons (completely understandable), but the same posts refer to STL files being available. From what I can tell, those are mostly for other models (LR2, MPCNC, etc.), and so far I haven’t found any F360 friendly files for the LR3.

Does anyone have such a file for the LR3 25p4 brace? Even if it was just the portion of the lower rear corner, that would be most helpful.

If you open the 3mf in your slicer you can save it as an stl.

That particular part is not even easy for me to remake. I tweaked the size exported the 3mf and put the size back.


Was going to ask if this was an option.
I know I can do it in prusa slicer, but that’s the extent of my slicer knowledge for FDM.
Can’t even remember the name of the slicer I used for resin printing or if this was an option in it.

Brilliant! I learned something new today, and it meets my needs completely. Many thanks!!!

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And helped me learn something that I wasn’t even looking to learn at the moment but I’m glad I did!!

I don’t think you even have to do that. If you use the “Insert Mesh” function in Fusion 360, I think you can import 3mf directly.

I’m not at my desk to check, but if I remember correctly, that’s all I did

Another thing learned today! Yes, that works as well!

Here is the prototype of a holder for the IPA bottle for an air mist system. Connects to the rear of a strut brace. I used the STL of the brace to trace out the sketch parameters for the part where it connects to the brace, and then free-formed the rest.


On first glance I thought this was a beer holder you designed for your rear strut assembly, :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes, it could work for that too!

Either type of IPA is compatible.

Made and installed…

Alternate use mode…