F-Engrave Feed Rates

I’m doing a v-carve to fill in with epoxy. 15 degree bit, 1/4 for clean up.

The v-carve went very well, almost a little faster than I expected. However, now the v-clean is running and I’ve seen glaciers move faster.

am I missing something? Is there a seperate place to set feed rate for the clean up. The g-code says F127.00 but it is much slower than the first run.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Your cleanup bit is 6.35mm but you only set 1.27mm stepover. You can do at least 3mm. That won’t change too much though. Also, you are using F-Engrave, so that may be another reason, not sure though, haven’t worked with it for quite a while.

Haven’t even finished with v-clean yet. The machine seems to “hang” before moving from one spot to another,

Can you edit your title please? You are not using Estlcam. That is F engrave, correct?

I’m guessing it’s the Z plunge rate of 10 mm/m

Yeah. I was going to point that out. Those are per min. 127 isn’t terribly fast, but it is a lot faster than 10.