Extruder on MPCNC - Firmware and Wiring?

Hello - I have a MPCNC (used to cut steel, aluminum, etc if you know mine :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I’d like to attach this "Creality 3D Titan Direct Drive Extruder 300° " to it.

My MPCNC is setup with the SKR Pro V1.2, with the “V1CNC_SkrPro_Dual_2209-” firmware, I believe.

I would assume that the extruder would be connected via the E2, as it’s free on the board. However, is the firmware setup for that? I would assume I would need different firmware for that, like editing it to use the E2 for the extruder.

I’d like it to still be able to use my router for it too, which I would assume it would still be able to use when it doesn’t call to use the extruder.

Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you

Hey found your post! Looking for instructions on using extruder. like i said over on discord. Not too many use extruder on mpcnc. You will need to roll your own marlin to get it to run. In ryans download is everything you need. Once you make edits, you can compile. You will not be able to use the firmware for cnc to extrude. Parts are told things to make marlin work for cnc. You will need to reflash. Also i know that i read you will not be able to remove thermistor, etc from the board after you reflash.