extruder mount

Hello everyone, i was looking at the MP3DP v2 printer and there’s something i don’t understand how’s the mk8 extruder is mounted to the printer i’ve tried looking at the pictures but it’s not clear

The extruder strap hooks around the motor.

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I think i got it, after looking at the parts i think the extruder strap goes around the mk8 extruder and then get fixed to the the part named X.stl with two screws, is that how it works ?


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thank you , i’ve decided to build the MP3DP before the Lowrider , wish me luck

Good luck! I had an MPCNC, then an MP3DP and then I built the low rider. I’ve been smiling the whole time (that’s at least what my avatar has been doing).

i hope i’ll be smiling too, thanks a lot Jeff