Extruder Gear - how many teeth?

I think I’d like to replace the extruder gear on my MP3DP. Does it matter how many teeth? As long as it’s compatible with the MK8?

The number of teeth is not important but the effective diameter does matter. Think of it less like a gear and more like knurling, to get a good grip on the filament.

Some people fine tune the steps per mm after installation because things like the idler pressure can in theory influence the effective diameter and therefore the length of filament extruded as the extruder drive turns.

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These should work, https://amzn.to/2Jl1Uto

If you need anything from the shop just let me know and I can drop one in with your order I have a few spares.

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“Need”…“Want”…either way the ploy is effective with a guy like me. Hahaha

Thanks for the offer Ryan. Maybe I can hold off on the replacement until I’m ready for the next order.

Deceptively devious…

This could be construed as taking advantage of an old man you know…I’ve just discovered this is a clear case of the “old man eyes” (reading glasses) I’m using are getting too weak for diagnostics. I pulled the gear off since it didn’t appear to be doing anything in the way of pushing extruder only to realize it’s in fine form. It was that pesky grub screw again…

Printing like a champ once again! (How soon I forget…).

Loctite is your friend… Just don’t use the ‘impossible to remove’ version. :slight_smile: